CHEP 2018 Instructions for Contribution Authors

The CHEP 2018 proceedings will be published in the EPJ Web of Conferences

Most of the instructions for authors are provided HERE

In addition:

  1. Each article shall have at most 8 pages (references included) and use single-column format. This applies to oral presentations and posters.
  2. Each article must be submitted by a single person who shall represent all co-authors of the article.
  3. Articles must be submitted in PDF form. Please use the given LaTeX or Microsoft Word template, but only submit the PDF version in the end. Please check that the PDF version meets the provided PDF guidelines.
  4. Please follow the clearly documented style guidelines. Adherence to those guidelines will be checked by the reviewers and violations will have to be corrected by the authors.
  5. Please provide proper references to software packages and frameworks that were vital for the work covered by your article. Guidelines are available from the plenary presentation by Dan Katz HERE
  6. Please print the provided copyright form, fill it out and scan the completed form. Alternatively, use a PDF editor instead, but mind that an actual signature is required. Please upload the completed form along with your articles, as explained below.
  7. The deadline for the initial submission of your articles is: Mon Dec 3 at 23:59 UTC

Mind that you may need to have your article approved first by your experiment and/or institute: please check what applies in your case!

During the review process you may be asked to provide revised versions. We aim to finish the reviews and revisions by Dec 31st 2018.

To manage the workflows of article submissions, reviews and revisions, we use the SAGA system of EDP Sciences. Please follow the instructions to create yourself a SAGA account HERE

We think the SAGA functionality is mostly self-explanatory.

When submitting an article, please select the section corresponding to the track of the conference contribution.

Please contact chep2018-pc AT for any questions or comments about the publication procedures.

Thanks for your efforts and we look forward to your high-quality articles!