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CHEP 2018 will take place on 9-13 July 2018 at the National Palace of Culture, Sofia, Bulgaria. The conference is organized by the Institute for Advanced Physical Studies, Sofia University, Plovdiv University, New Bulgarian University, Bourgas Free University, INRNE‐BAS, IICT-BAS and Sofia Municipality. Approximately 600 computing experts and scientists are expected to attend CHEP 2018.

CHEP 2018 will address challenges in data‐intensive experimental and computational science to stress the increasing importance of the computing‐related connections between high‐energy and nuclear physics and data‐intensive astronomy, X‐ray science and computational science.

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CHEP 2018 will be held in the National Palace of Culture, Sofia!

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About CHEP

The CHEP conferences are held at 18‐month intervals, rotating between the US, Europe and “rest of the world” locations. Recent conferences took place in Okinawa, Amsterdam and New York.

The CHEP conferences address the computing, networking and software issues for the world’s leading data‐intensive science experiments that currently analyze hundreds of petabytes of data using worldwide computing resources. The Conference is a major event in the area (~500 participants), featuring plenary sessions, parallel sections and poster presentations; it publishes peer-reviewed Proceedings.

The Conference location rotates between Americas, Asia and Europe.

Name Date Location
25–28 June 1985 Amsterdam, Netherlands
2–6 February 1987 Asilomar, California, United States
10–14 April 1989 Oxford, England, United Kingdom
9–13 April 1990 Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States
11–15 March 1991 Tsukuba, Japan
21–25 September 1992 Annecy, France
21–27 April 1994 San Francisco, California, United States
18–22 September 1995 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
7–11 April 1997 Berlin, Germany
31 August - 4 September 1998 Chicago, Illinois, United States
7–11 February 2000 Padova, Italy
3–7 September 2001 Beijing, China
24–28 March 2003 San Diego, California, United States
27 September - 1 October 2004 Interlaken, Switzerland
13–17 February 2006 Mumbai, India
2–7 September 2007 Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
21–27 March 2009 Prague, Czech Republic
18–22 October 2010 Taipei, Taiwan
21–25 May 2012 New York, New York, United States
14-18 October 2013 Amsterdam, Netherlands
13-17 April 2015 Okinawa, Japan
10-14 October 2016 San Francisco, California, United States